Pecha Kucha Night Auckland #24
PKN_AKL_24 // Thursday 24 March 2011 // Webbâ??s Auction House // 18 Manukau Road, Newmarket


Jamie McLellan // product & furniture designer // my small world

Jessica Hansell aka Coco Solid // musician and writer // ‘The war of the inner-worlds’

Greg Wood // filmmaker/artist // Bill Ward, Greg Wood & The Bonneville Salt Flats

Neill Gaddes + Yijing Xu // Exhibition Designers // Shenzhen Speed via Beijing Bureaucracy

Paul McLaney // musician, General Manager of Mushroom Music Publishing // album covers and their totemic existence in my psyche

Fabiana Kubke // scientist // the story of the Christchurch Recovery Map

Mau Muaiava // Independent Samoan Filmmaker & Visual Artist // MAUPRODUCTIONS

Mark Seeny // designer // my ruins

Nat Cheshire // delineator, Cheshire Architects // on ugliness


videos of presentations

pictures of the night

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