Pecha Kucha Night Auckland #27
PKN_AKL_27 // Thursday 18 August 2011 // Auckland Boxing Stadium, 1 Ngahura St, Eden Tce, Auckland

List of presenters:

Daiman Otto // designer // ‘Architecture as Start-up: ARKit/Analog Structures’ //

Deb Williams // mother // on Suicide in NZ

John Coombs

Carl Pickens // landscape architect // â??Back to my Rootsâ?? / on eco-landscapes //

Olivia Garelja // photographer // on digital manipulation photography

Mark Leonard Kaneko // martial artist // about martial art Shorinji Kempo

Pippa Coom // Frocks on Bikes â?? how stylish cycling is changing bike culture

Anner Chong // architect // drawings from the next generation

Karin Hofko aka Bobby Great // innovator //

Maya Nova/Reza Fuard // Mindfulness - an experience //

Oliver Kunzendorff // landscape architect // wintec city campus projects

Amanda Judd // social entrepreneur // A journey of a social enterprise //

Bruce Hopkins // actor and MC // a family story


videos of presentations

pictures of the night

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